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In-house Writing used in Courses

by Louise Weber


Understanding Nature – 2018-2022

Princ. of Biology II Lab Manual – 2014-2019

Study Guide to Accompany Ecology – 2013-2017

Understanding Nature - 2013

Princ. of Biology I Lab Manual – 2013-2019

Ornithology Lab Manual - 2009-2011

Ecology:  Evolution of an Idea – 2008-2017

Ecology Lab Manual - 2005-2014

Human Biology Lab Manual - 2003-2011

Senior Capstone Course Manual - 2003-2023

Vertebrate Zoology Lab Manual - 2002

Conser. and Wildl. Course Manual - 2002-2012

Invertebrate Zoology Lab Manual - 1999-2003

Entomology Lab Manual - 1998


Publications from work at University of Saint Francis:

Weber, L. (May 2023).  Understanding Nature:  Ecology for a New Generation.  CRC Press.  This is an ecology textbook.

Weber, L. (2020).  An Ecologist’s Guide to Nature Activity for Healing.  Ecopsychology 12: 231-235.

McKeon, S, L. Weber, A. Adams, T.L. Fleischner.  2019.  Human Dimensions:  Natural History as the Innate Foundation of Ecology.  Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.


Publications from work at Warren Wilson College:

Moerschbaecher, M.K. and L.M. Weber.  2004.  A survey of road-kill along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science 120:113-116.

Weber, L.M., 2000.  Ideas so old that they are new:  a traditional approach to environmental education.  Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, December issue. 

Weber, L.M.  2000. Early succession in green education:  curriculum design in college environmental programs. Heartstone, fall issue. 

Weber, L.M.  2000.  Ghost stories from an ecologist’s journal.  Heartstone, spring issue.

C.R. Rossell, Hamilton, C.D., L.M. Weber, S.W. Kress.  1999.  Chick provisioning by common terns in the southern Gulf of Maine, USA.  Canadian Journal of Zoology 78:158-160.  


Publications from work at Clemson University as graduate student and post-doc:

Weber, L.M. and J.J. Isely.  1997.  Water quality assessment of the Chattooga River using a macroinvertebrate biotic index.   Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 113:37-45. 

Weber, L.M. and S.M. Haig.  1997.  Shorebird diet and size selection of nereid polychaetes in South Carolina coastal impoundments.  Journal of Field Ornithology.  68:358-366. 

Weber, L.M. and S.M. Haig.  1997.  Shorebird-prey interactions in South Carolina coastal soft-sediments.  Canadian Journal of Zoology 75:245-252. 

Weber, L.M. and S.M. Haig. 1996.  Shorebird use of South Carolina managed and natural areas.   Journal of Wildlife Management 60:73-82. 


Publications from work before Ph.D.:


Weber, L M. and B.H. Martin. 1991.  Piping plovers nest on dry and nearly dry alkali wetlands in the northern Great Plains, 1986-1990.  Prairie Naturalist 23:209-212. 

Weber, L.M. and D.M. Lodge. 1990.  Periphytic food and predatory crayfish:  relative roles in determining snail distribution.   Oecologia 82:33-39. 

Photo: Swannanoa Valley, by Lou Weber

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