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Photo: Lou Weber in the USF prairie by Steve Vorderman 

Louise (Lou) Weber, Ph.D.

Louise (Lou) Weber, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Division Director of Sciences

Program Director of Biology

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I'm so honored to be featured in Mallory McDuff's new book as I represent Indiana.  Mallory asked if she could include me after hearing the story of how I transformed my ecology course at USF to better reach pre-med students.  I struck gold with the health pre-professionals when I began addressing nature’s ability to heal self while healing Earth.  Love Your Mother will be published on April 11 by Broadleaf Books.

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My own book, Understanding Nature: Ecology for a New Generation, will be published in late April by CRC Press.  This is an unconventional ecology textbook.  Built on the theme of ecopsychology and ecotherapy it meets all the standards of the 4DEE recommendations for an ecology textbook by the Ecological Society of America. 


Besides covering the four main types of ecology others sections include traditional ecological knowledge, conservation biology, wildlife management, restoration ecology, neobiogeography, post-modern evolution, and others.

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