Oversaw advising and placement for dozens of students completing environmental internships.


Redesigned curriculum for Principles of Biology I & II including establishment of 20 new laboratory exercises at USF.


Redesigned curriculum for Senior Capstone in Biology including a required senior research project for all Biology majors at USF.


Research adviser:  advised 11 completed senior research projects at USF and 67 completed senior research projects at Warren Wilson. 


Academic advisor:  advised hundreds of students.  Recommendation letters written for over 200 students.


Advisor:  advised Eco Club and their major event on Earth Day each year.


Award:  won college-wide Teaching Excellence Award at Warren Wilson - 1999. 

Teaching Highlights

2013E&D Buckner.jpg

Photo: USF students assessing wildlife habitat at a local park, by Lou Weber

Courses taught at USF 2012-2020:

  • Ecology and Diversity (with lab)

  • Ecology (with lab)

  • Forest and Grassland Ecology (with lab)

  • Senior Capstone in Biology

  • Invertebrate Zoology (lecture)

  • Ornithology Lab

  • Introduction to Birds

  • Principles of Biology I & II (with lab)

  • General Biology (with lab)

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I (lecture)

  • First-year Seminar

  • Science Seminar


Courses taught at Warren Wilson College 1997-2012:

  • Ecology (with lab)

  • Evolution

  • General Biology

  • Human Biology

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies

  • Research Design

  • Conservation and Wildlife Biology

  • Vertebrate Zoology (with lab)

  • Invertebrate Zoology (with lab)

  • Ornithology (with lab)

  • Entomology (with lab)

  • Wildlife Management

  • FIPSE Exchange Program

Courses taught at Emory University 1995-1997:

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies

  • Environmental Issues Seminar

  • Conservation Biology (with lab)

  • Environmental Biology (co-taught)


Courses taught at Clemson University 1994-1995:

  • Conservation Biology (undergraduate)

  • Conservation and Ecology of Endangered Species (graduate)

Courses taught at Adams State 1989-1990:

  • General Biology Laboratory

Lou Weber.  Photo by M. McReynolds

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