Oversaw advising and placement for dozens of students completing environmental internships.


Redesigned curriculum for Principles of Biology I & II including establishment of 20 new laboratory exercises at USF.


Redesigned curriculum for Senior Capstone in Biology including a required senior research project for all Biology majors at USF.


Research adviser:  advised 18 completed senior research projects at USF and 67 completed senior research projects at Warren Wilson. 


Academic advisor:  advised hundreds of students.  Recommendation letters written for over 200 students.


Advisor:  advised Eco Club and their major event on Earth Day each year.  I've won Advisor of the Year Award three times as USF for my work with Eco Club.  Eco Club won Club of the year in 2020-21.


Awards:  won college-wide Teaching Excellence Award at Warren Wilson in 1999, and the Teaching Excellence and Leadership Award at the University of Saint Francis in 2022.

Teaching Highlights

2013E&D Buckner.jpg

Photo: USF students assessing wildlife habitat at a local park, by Lou Weber

Courses taught at USF 2012-2022:

  • Ecology and Diversity (with lab)

  • Ecology (with lab)

  • Forest and Grassland Ecology (with lab)

  • Senior Capstone in Biology

  • Invertebrate Zoology (lecture)

  • Ornithology Lab

  • Introduction to Birds

  • Principles of Biology I & II (with lab)

  • General Biology (with lab)

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I (lecture)

  • First-year Seminar

  • Science Seminar

  • Comparative Anatomy


Courses taught at Warren Wilson College 1997-2012:

  • Ecology (with lab)

  • Evolution

  • General Biology

  • Human Biology

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies

  • Research Design

  • Conservation and Wildlife Biology

  • Vertebrate Zoology (with lab)

  • Invertebrate Zoology (with lab)

  • Ornithology (with lab)

  • Entomology (with lab)

  • Wildlife Management

  • FIPSE Exchange Program

Courses taught at Emory University 1995-1997:

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies

  • Environmental Issues Seminar

  • Conservation Biology (with lab)

  • Environmental Biology (co-taught)


Courses taught at Clemson University 1994-1995:

  • Conservation Biology (undergraduate)

  • Conservation and Ecology of Endangered Species (graduate)

Courses taught at Adams State 1989-1990:

  • General Biology Laboratory

Lou in kayak - Vorderman.jpg

Lou Weber.  Photo by Steve Vorderman

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